måndag 12 maj 2008

Hand of the Week #2, Jennifer Aniston

Continuing in Friends fashion, here is another pair of hands, belonging to Jennifer Aniston. This is an early picture of her, and her hands changed quite a lot throughout the ten years Friends ran. Since this is an early photo, you can see that her hands still have that beautiful youthful skin, like two doves gently perched on the branch of a tree.

This picture also (in fact) demonstrates that you can pull off long nails with style. As you can see, Jennifer has made sure that the nails are clean (despite their length), buffed, and slightly rounded at the edges as to not be sharp looking.

Look at her knuckles too, just like Famke she has that wonderful extra darkness. Generally I think it's preferable to shape the end of your nail to match the shape of your cuticle, but Jennifer has done the opposite. Her cuticle is arced, but her nail is shaped like a rectangle. It works, but imagine if they were the same shape... Now that I look closer, I don't think it's on purpose on every single finger actually. The index finger in the right picture is a good example of rectangularity, but look at the underside of her thumb in the same picture. It is nearly divine.

When I look for pictures to put up for you guys, it's actually a real challenge to find good ones. There are surprisingly few good high-res images of people's hands, believe it or not. That's the reason we are left but hints of such beauty as can be beheld in this image, especially the thumb there.

If there's anything that can beat her actual nail properties and the care she's put into her nails, it has to be the actual shape and demeanour of her actual hands. Slender, soft, even, are all adjectives that can be used.

I started saying that her hands have changed during the 10 years that Friends ran (big shock), these were her hands at the start of the series. I believe there was a period when she used white bright nail polish (uh season 2 I believe), after that she adapted the style she would keep for the rest of the series and even today, while her hands aged a bit, taking on a sharper, more distinct look. While they are not ugly by any means, it is truly a joy that some of this footage is available where the fountains of her youth were still flowing over and moisturising her hands. Truly a beautiful pair.

As always, looking for pictures, and leave comments!

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