måndag 13 augusti 2012

Hand of the Week #14, Christina Applegate (quad edition)

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Wow! My last 'Hand of the Week' entry was almost three years ago! And the blog has been running for more than four! That's incredible to me. I still get about 200 readers every month, and looking at the stats it mostly seems to be people looking for pictures of Jennifer Anistons hands or her nail polish. Though there have some interesting cases where I've been linked very specifically on forums and such. One example is when someone wanted to find out the ratio between two of Charlize Theron's fingers on the basis of some celebrity marriage superstition, and my blog was linked. Haha!

I haven't been out of the hand admiration business though, just been busy with school/life, and I haven't really taken the time to sit down and do some proper image crawling for an article. But here it is! Enjoy.

I've been wanting to do an article on Christina Applegate for a long time. Ever since the first time I saw 'The Sweetest Thing' in which her hands are positvely radiant. Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, she has some serious hand assets as you can see from the images above. I'd rate her in my top three, along with Sandy Swanson and Famke Jansen. Her hands provide a nice contrast to Jennifer Aniston's, whose sister she played on Friends, and whom she carries an actual resemblance to in real life! All four of (the hands!) are beautiful in their own ways, but even though I've already done an article on Aniston's, I personally prefer Applegate's.

The first thing I noticed when I started crawling for pictures was that throughout her entire career, she's gone for very light shades of nail polish. If you've read this blog before you know I LOOOVE that. I'm glad she appears to share my ideal of what a great nail job should look like, and that she's mostly been sticking to that formula for decades since it works so well. Light pink or near-opaque white. Yum. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Compared to Jennifer Aniston (you can find the original article here: http://handledancer.blogspot.se/2008/05/hand-of-week-3-jennifer-aniston.html), Applegate is a lot more big boned. A little bit like Trinny Woodall (http://handledancer.blogspot.se/2008/08/hand-of-week-7-trinny-woodall.html) but a bit more slender and feminine. She has that wonderful curvature of the nail form the nailbed to the tip, but not too much. It's just perfect, and quite resembles that of Sandy Swanson: (http://handledancer.blogspot.se/2008/11/hand-of-week-10-more-sandy-swanson.html)

I have to talk about her wrist for just a second. Can you see how much character that slightly thicker than average wrist adds to the general conception of her hands? Just like Charlize Theron, it gives her that strong, sexy "mom" look which is very cool. And as always, that sweet sweet knuckle darkness is quite tangible.

I'd also say that a strong point with Applegate's hands is that their quality improves exponentially with the length of her nails. Longer nails suit her MUCH better than shorter, which isn't always the case. Some hands are best kept at short or moderate nail lengths in order to maximize their appeal, but I've seen some pictures of her hands with the nails cut very short, and the allure is almost completely gone in spite of her other striking features.

Another plus is that unlike Aniston, Applegate's hands have not deteriorated as much with age, which I would personally just attribute to genetics. There's not much poor Jennie can do... except maybe hand plastic surgery? :O Does that even exist? I think they should hire me as a design advisor in that case. :)

All in all, a GREAT package! I know she's been battling breast cancer, but I hope that both she and her beautiful hands are healthy and doing well. :)

I will see you soon for another installment. I will make sure it won't be another three years. :)