måndag 28 april 2008

Hand of the Week #1, Famke Janssen

An excellent pair of hands, after seeing her in Nip/Tuck and X-Men I looked further into it, and managed to come by a few pictures of her beautiful hands.

Beautiful aren't they? Excellent muscle shape, you can see that the entire contour of her hand is even, and so is the space between her fingers. The shape of her nails are also unbelievable, perfectly rounded, sitting majestetically upon her long, gorgeous fingers. They are also very well manicured, buffed, etc.

Another thing I really like... you see the middle joint of her fingers? Large, wonderfully sculpted, with quite striking creases. Just looking at the picture is pleasurable, I think. But what do you think?

I am still looking for pictures you can send me of beautiful hands, even your own.

2 kommentarer:

Tariq sa...

Watch her new movie 100 Feet when it comes out
her finger are nicely cut off!

~Static~ sa...

Yeah, Famke is hawt. I wonder what her hand looks like as a fist? (evil grin) >=}