onsdag 18 juni 2008

Hand of the Week #3, Sandy Swanson

I introduce to you, Sandy Swanson. This week's feature is a little different from the one's I've done so far. I've reviewed Famke Jansen, Courtney Cox Arquette, and Jennifer Aniston. All beautiful actresses that I've managed to spot equally beautiful hands on and decided to review them.

I found Sandy Swanson when looking for pictures on the internet. Sandy is a renowned hand model who has modeled in hundreds and hundreds of commercials and advertisements. Her webpage can be found at http://www.sandyswanson.info and all copyrights go to her. I browsed Google for "beautiful hands" and her portfolio popped up. As soon as I entered I knew that these hands had to be featured here as soon as possible.

Before I get to the actual hands I must comment on the fact that this is obviously a perfume commercial, and the entire picture just seems to glimmer in a radiant pinkish hue due to her clothes, the color of the perfume, the pink flower shooting out of the perfume bottle, and the color of Swanson's nail polish. That's right, she is using bright pink nail polish. I know I wrote in my first entry that freakishly bright pink was a lost cause, and I still stand by that statement. Sandy has decided to go with a very mellow light pink. The more redpinkish abominations that are best kept hidden from the public eye are the ones I spoke of in my previous article. Swanson makes this color smoke and it works extraordinarily well with the overall color scheme of the picture.

Since Swanson does this kind of modeling for a living, she is obviously diligent about keeping her hands clean and well kept, buffing her nails, treating her skin with precious moisturizers, and such care is clearly visible in this picture. Suffice to say, the extra effort is worth it if you want to extract the final ounce of wonderfulness out of an already brilliant pair of hands.

The impeccable shape of her nails, her lustrous skin, and huge talent for posing in yummy ways all add up to a fantastically good picture. Just like Famke Jansen and Jennifer Aniston she has the particular knuckle darkness. If you look at the very edge of her nails, you'll see a nearly invisible strip of white. It is barely visible, but it adds a lot to the picture and the conception of it. You might say it's going in the french tip direction, but you would be wrong. This is GOD compared to french tips, instead of ruining the entire artwork by using blistering bright glossy huge edges, Swanson enhances it by taking the educated decision of utilizing such a subtle shade of white to her advantage, and it's another thing that makes the picture truly pop.

Would I buy the perfume? You're damn right I would.

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Monkey Suit sa...

Have a hand fetish?

Sandy sa...

I don't know who you are, but I am, as of this moment, your biggest fan. Thanks for finding my website and all the glowing compliments - you made my day! :) Sandy Swanson