måndag 4 augusti 2008

Hand of the Week #6, Elizabeth Hurley

Ah yes. Elizabeth Hurley. I first saw her in that Austin Powers movie, then in that movie where she plays the devil against Brendan Fraser. I had no idea she brandished a pair of fine looking hands until I by chance did an image search on her. Needless to say I was impressed and here she is for you, have a good look.

What seems to be a recurring theme in these features, you'll see her fingers are long and strong with excellent bone structure. Powerful joints and that particular knuckle darkness that I dig. Her nails are also curved, arcing their way across the nail bed (another recurring theme?) with grace. Her nails are impeccably buffed and as always, without nail polish which in general looks much better. The scene for this photograph is a sandy beach which provides excellent lighting. If you look hard enough you can see the grains of sand. Let's hope she brought some moisturizer to keep those bad boys smooth and silky from the dry beach wind.

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threio sa...

Yes, very nice feminine hands she has. They also appear to fit her frame, often ppls hands don't match their bodies.