måndag 25 augusti 2008

Hand of the Week #8, the Wrist

I've been focusing a lot on digits so far, let's see something else for a change. Yup. Wrists. We all have them but most people probably don't pay that much attention to them. Even the ankles usually get more attention, which is ironic since you're much more liable to spot someone's wrists before you spot their ankles.

The main thing I want to say about wrists is that bracelets of any shape and size are devastators. I have yet to see a good bracelet, because they all amount to the same kind of faults and flaws. Equipping a bracelet will cause one of two things. Either the bracelet will slip down until it reaches the start of your hand. This will cause compression of the entire wrist area. It makes your forearms look short and stubby which is not attractive or beautiful in any way. Or, your bracelet will slip up toward your elbow. This will cause elongation of the entire wrist area. It will look freakishly long and disproportional.

The solution? Don't wear a bracelet or watch. As you can see in the lovely picture to the left, the very best result is achieved completely naturally. You will end up with an excellent, wholly proportional scale, with the grace of your forearm beautifully melding into the end of your wrist area and branching out into what is hopefully your lovely hand. Just take your bracelet off, you can't go wrong.

Just as was the case with the thumb, it's a very underestimated area that few people recognize, but it can make or break a hand just as much as anything.

EDIT: I've got this thing that logs the IPs of everyone who checks the blog out... whoever is from Skutskär, Uppsala, I'd like to hear from you since you seem to like the blog ;)

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