torsdag 27 november 2008

Hand of the week #9, More Sandy Swanson!

Spectacularly enough, Sandy Swanson herself has graced my blog with her presence in the past couple of days, and since nothing is going on anyways I thought I would give her some more space.

Now, just check this out. Just like in the last picture we're dealing with some seriously smooth skin, buffed nails, and impeccable shapes, but what is quite extraordinaire with this particular picture is the aspect of exceptional extension.

Her left hand is almost fully extended, and as such, the exact magnificigance of Sandy's musculature is revealed. Just look at those long fingers, where they branch into the body of her hand. The root of her thumb including the first knuckle and upwards is an artwork in itself (I go over some of the basics in The Thumb entry). As for the color scheme it's tomato red coupled with milky white skin and likely some ethereal nail polish. The particular knuckle darkness is prevalent! Please enjoy, and thanks again for dropping by my blog Sandy!

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